Welcome to Conference Week 2016


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Africa Awareness Initiative is committed to improving discourse surrounding and including Africa at UBC. In order to realize our vision, our mission is to continually show just how much Africa has to give to the world.

Conference Week is the flagship event of Africa Awareness Initiative and it is hosted annually in January at the University of British Columbia doing just this.  Conference Week has historically been a meeting place of great minds, purposes, and movement.  It is a culmination point of what we do as Africa Awareness Initiative, and a vehicle to display the African Continent in its entire splendor.

Our vision for this year’s conference is to position it as a platform to share ideas, foster collaborations by showcasing intellectual discussions and incredible artistry and ideas. A host of unique events in this week-long conference, January 18th-22nd 2016, will be united under the theme, “Redefining Development: Perspectives from the Diaspora.  In the context of Africa’s past, present and future, there is an amazing story waiting to be written and we can be the ones to write it.  Each people and place is in the midst of an ever unfolding, complex, and dynamic story that is being shaped by the people to whom it pertains.  We invite you to explore that notion, and to examine the role that you, that we, can play in taking an active role in Development in Africa.

We believe that together, we can be architects of a future that is waiting to be built, and that in creating a dynamic space to include and engage students, faculty, staff, and members of the global community, a new story becomes possible; one in which Africa is involved in the creation of global citizens, and the generation of today becomes central actors and writers in this story.

Events of the week Click for more details

MondayOpening Ceremony

Tuesday: Development and Leadership/Governance

Wednesday: Development and Education

Thursday: Development and the Diaspora

Friday: Closing Ceremony